Keeping Things Safe and Secure: 4 Stretch Film Benefits

By: Cassandra Henry


Stretch film is a highly stretchable form of plastic film that keeps items tightly bound for shipping. We see it most often wrapped around pallets and it is used to transport everything from paint to beer to dry goods. Once they are wrapped in stretch film, these pallets are safe and secure to ship across town or across the ocean. Thousands of products are shipped in this fashion every day in North America and it is not unusual to see both liquids, and dry goods, wire reels and electronics, mulch for landscaping and gardening as well as tires, furniture and bricks. You might even see carpets and pre-formed windows and live trees being shipped on pallets that have been protected from the elements by stretch film.

1. Stretch film can withstand great pressure

Stretch film is usually made from linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE that is then combined with ethylene wand alpha-olefins like butene, hexane or octane. This gives stretch film its capacity to grow and stretch without puncturing or breaking and is why it is such a sought-after shipping product. Stretch film comes in a variety of types including bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film and static dissipative film. Each of these types of stretch film has different capacity to withstand pressure without breaking or tearing.

2. Stretch film is safe and secure

Stretch film provides stability and protection from the elements because when pallets of items are wrapped in this film they are held together all the way to their destination. This reduces the chances of tampering and pilfering and for certain food items like fruits and vegetables, this mode of transportation allows for long periods on the road while still preserving their freshness and flavour. The stretch film covering also protects the products being shipped from dust, contamination and any airborne problems or pollution by maintaining a secure barrier around them. Stretch film will even keep out most of the sunlight and almost all of the harmful ultra-violet rays that could damage sensitive products like food and beverages to name just a few. It provides one of the safest and most economical way to get products through the transportation system and onto our store shelves and tables.

3. Stretch film is cost-effective

Stretch film is an essential part of our modern consumer economy. It plays an important role in delivering many of the we need, just when we need them. It allows for products to be shipped in bulk in a secure and economical manner. It has been shown to be less expensive than strapping and the equipment required to use stretch wrap is both simple to maintain and inexpensive to purchase. Stretch film is still the most cost-effective way to get many items to customers and by placing them together on pallets with stretch film coverings, they are more adaptable to ship many different types of loads and even different types of products at the same time. This reduces shipping costs and ultimately keeps costs low for both suppliers and consumers.

4. Stretch film is environmentally friendly

Stretch film is better for the environment because all of the stretch film products can be easily recycled and reused. The only cost to the environment is the initial products used in manufacturing stretch film and once that it completed, there is little carbon foot print for this type of material. The film itself can be reused in many different fashions at the retail level once it has fulfilled its main mission. And it can be readily recycled in almost any area with a plastic recycling capacity.