Are You Moving Homes? 5 Moving Tips for Your To-Do List

By: Cassandra Henry

Moving houses is never a fun task. You are picking up everything you have accumulated over the course of your life and packing it into boxes to begin a new chapter. While the idea of a new home is exciting, the process of getting there is time-consuming and tedious. Following this guide will help take the stress out of the task and make moving day a breeze.

Tip 1 | Hire movers EARLY

Moving companies are becoming increasingly popular therefore availability can be scarce at times. Whether it be a company that packs your items for you and moves them or one that shows up with a big truck and transfers your items to the new home, it is advisable to book one as soon as the moving date is determined. Ensure that the moving companies complete an assessment of your current house so they are aware of what the job entails, how much stuff needs to be moved, and the time that should be allotted for the job. Agree to a price that works for you.


If the company wants your business enough, they will be open to negotiating. When a price is agreed upon, sign a contract specifying the cost to prevent any misunderstandings when the job is complete.


Tip 2 | Start packing EARLY, pack by room

There is no harm in packing early to ensure everything is ready for the day of the big move, just make sure you do not pack anything that you will need up until moving day. Get boxes from your local grocery stores, from family, classified ads, or from the moving company. Bubble wrap or newspaper will keep your valuables safe on the trek to the new house. Garbage bags are handy for linens and towels but wardrobe boxes usually offered by the moving companies allow you to keep your clothes hung up.


It is easy to then transfer them to the closet in your new house upon arrival without having to spend time hanging everything back up. While not always feasible, packing by room can save the stress out of finding items when you are unpacking. Be sure to label each box with the room that it came from and “fragile” if it needs to be handled with care.


Tip 3 | Set up utilities for new home, change address

You do not want to move into your house without at least heat and hydro so make sure you transfer your accounts or initiate a new one with these companies a few weeks prior to the move. Telephone, cable, and internet services are usually hooked up after moving in, but if you want to be proactive scheduling a date that falls after your move-in date does not hurt so you have these services shortly after.


Complete a change of address form with the Post Office and make sure you have any mail forwarded to the new address. This can be done by arranging a forward through the Post Office. You can also leave the buyers of your house with the new address so they can forward mail from any accounts you may have forgotten to change over.


Tip 4 | Confirm with movers

At least one week prior to moving day, call the moving company to confirm the date and time of your move. You would be devastated if moving day arrived and the movers did not come because they double-booked the date or neglected to record the job in their schedule.


Tip 5 | Unpack-bedroom & kitchen first

At last moving day arrives! Ensure that all items are packed and ready to go for the moving company to load into the truck. Arrive at the new house before the movers so you are available to direct them where to put your boxes.


You may feel like getting a head start on unpacking, but it is better to let the movers move everything in before you begin. That way, you will have no distractions and there will be nothing in the way of the movers who are just trying to get the job done. When unpacking, it is beneficial to unpack the kitchen so you can make meals while getting organized and the bedroom so you can get a good night’s rest after a busy day.


Good luck with your move! It can be an excruciating job that most people dread just thinking about. But using this guide will get you to relaxation mode in your beautiful new home in no time. After all, you deserve it.